If this sounds familiar, here’s what to do next:


Doing your business taxes can be tricky.

How do you categorize expenses? Have you tracked your mileage? How do you expense your home office? Uh oh, were you supposed to depreciate the cost of your new computer?

Oh and the best “trick” to cashing in on the most tax savings and benefits is making sure your books are in order throughout the year. Don’t have anyone keeping your books?

We’ve got you covered.

You can count on iTAX experts to handle all your business:

• Federal and State tax filings
• Unfiled back taxes
• Monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping needs• Accounting services (QuickBooks experts here)
• Payroll and payroll tax services
• Personal income tax returns for CEOs and officers

PLUS, we offer fast, convenient and accurate electronic filing services so you never have to deal with long lines at the post office. 

Consider us your trusted tax partner all year round. 

Book your FREE consultation today and let us show you how you can keep more of your hard-earned revenue.