Process Your Payroll in Minutes

Whether you have 2 or 100s of  employees, payroll can be a painful and tedious task. You have salary-paid staff members, hourly employees and seasonal contractors.

Oh and let’s not forget calculating paid time off, time & a half and holiday pay. That’s enough to send you screaming in despair. But NOT when you have the iTAX team by your side.

You see, we have an easy-to-use online system you can use to complete payroll in mere minutes. (Yes, we said minutes … not hours or days.) And the best part is, iTax experts will automatically pay and file your required payroll taxes by the tax deadline.


Here's a Rundown of the perks of using the iTax RunPayroll System

Now if That's NOT enough, You 'll also save upto 50% on all our service fees in comparison to traditional payroll service providers.


Receive access to an experienced support team, 6 days a week by phone, email or live online chat.

Get Your Work Done

Get much-needed relief and peace of mind knowing your federal, state and local payroll taxes are calculated accurately and automatically filed.

Process Payroll

You can process payroll in minutes from anywhere – even from your mobile device.

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Just one question for you:

Do you see any reason why iTAX payroll services wouldn’t work for you? No? Let’s get you set up today: